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  • February 15th, 2018 10:50 AM
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SMART DIET for Board preparation

SMART DIET for Board

Exams prospects 

Students across the globe are adapting to various counter practices to overcome fear, anxiety and disproportionate affluence, perceived instable mind frame and smart ways to increase focus on their board exams and individual performances. The driving desire to excel and the quest to emerge as “the topper definitely is the key focus for all board exam prospects.

As I lazily sit in my study penning few thoughts, I am directed towards the fact or one can say quest to understand what the best preparation methodologies to stand smart are, prepared and balanced so that students appearing for board exams are less complex, immensely confident, thoroughly prepared and possess that extra affluence for terrific board results.

Food and diet are of course last on the list while making a “Prepare checklist for Boards” during the initial phase - Surprisingly 66% of  parents and students start a stringent and disciplined routine right from the day they graduate Class 8th. We all will agree on the fact that no matter your child is preparing for Board exams or competitive entrance – what matters most is a disciplined and timely routine supported the type of food required to enhance concentration, increase memory capacity and score exceptionally well.

We at Study Isle ensure we share our cumulative experience in various verticals and hence today we emphasize of the Nutritional requirement for students aspiring for Board exams or simply our Board prospects 

Let’s enrich: Nutrition and balance dietary needs go hand in hand. It builds a strong mental ability and assists a student to prepare for the board exams stress-free. During exams students’ needs to avoid binging as this leads to heaviness and a feeling of bloatness. They must follow a simple diet routine carefully set keeping their requirement in mind.

What to Avoid:
Chocolates, Caffeine, Canned food, Ice-creams, too many biscuits at odd hours, fried and preserved food

What to switch to while preparing:

Start your Day with a lukewarm glass of water. Followed by your favorite cup of Bournvita / Milk /Horlicks + 2/3 simple cereal biscuits / Britannia Biscuits / 2 pieces of Rusk. 
In between meals - include fresh fruits, Banana (since it’s easy to get and digest) Milk, Toast + peanut butter, mixed dry fruits (in moderation), Sprout salad (during day only)

Set aside a time for breakfast, Lunch and dinner 
(Including Sundays) to get your actions right for board exams


Breakfast: Try to include simple shakes which are easy to digest and does not take much time to consume 

EG : 50 gms Muesli + 1 spoonful of peanut butter, 1 spoon honey, 1 med size banana, 1 cup milk – your muesli shake is ready this will keep you going for 4-5 hours .

EG: Include Milk, fresh fruit juice and smoothies to have a sumptuous delight

EG: A mixed bowl of fruits + 2 toast with peanut butter + scrambled eggs (If you are Non-Vegetarian – include eggs in your breakfast)

Please note:
 It is important to include iron rich food since that increases concentration and helps you focus well.

Lunch: Should be non greasy, include legumes, mixed vegetables, Cottage    cheese, rice, dal, mineral rich food (Remember not to overstuff as this can make you sleepy)

Evening: Aim for a light meal or snack that provides carbohydrate for glucose to fuel the brain, combined with protein and a little of the 'healthy' fats. You must make sure it is common food – please refrain including unusual or food that you have never had before.

Dinner: Try having light lunch that will not make you lethargic. Best to have a bowl of clear soup, a simple sandwich with veggies or a bowl of broth with lots of vegetables and noodles.

 Best if you opt for a simple liquid meal for dinner – easy, light and digestible during the preparing days of board exams 
EG: Healthy Vegetable Soup, Vegetable / Chicken Stew / Vegetable Broth + few pieces of grilled vegetables / Paneer/ chicken.

Healthy Tips 

Inculcate a habit of taking short interval breaks between long hours of study - just to ease.
Listen to some music and sip a cup of hot coffee.
Maintain a strict discipline
Stay Active and alert
Eat your meals regularly
Eat right – Eat Balanced-Eat Smart
Most important is to get good sleep.
    Ensure you go to bed at around the same time each night and get up the same time in the morning - your body gets into a routine so sleep comes faster and you wake feeling better. 
    If you can coincide your sleep with your exam timetable, so your performance also exemplifies.

Health is the real wealth, the need to focus on health and nutrition has been mentioned in every educational journal worldwide. Students who maintain a well-balanced diet and nutrition during board exams emerge confident, active and mentally alert.
Right food and right habits are two important key aspects for success.
It is imperative to stay positive, alert, confident, prepared and spontaneous for seamless board exams experience.

We wish all the aspiring board exams enthusiasts the very best in their endeavors.










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