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At Study Isle, we are leveraging our 3 years of inception and cumulative skill to accord all young learners a 360 degree brand key that stands autonomously from the rivalry undaunted under the extraordinary vision and leadership of our esteemed faculty.

It is the only education centre wherein the inception, conceptualization including creative of the product and curriculum was created under skilful supervision and support of its stalwart members, who are experts in their own field. In a very short span of time, we achieved immense recognition and the number of enrolments of student from Class VI to Class XII has been continuously growing from strength to strength. Our principal objective is to impart quality education and make learning an enjoyable experience.

Irrespective of what you are looking at, we aim to bring forward a new system where teachers would teach the students as they want to learn and not make students learn the way teachers teach which will make it convenient for young minds to concentrate, imbibe and deliver to their best potential.

We are dedicated to origination in state-of-the art technology while adding up considerable education value to all our students. Our team endeavours to share the finest education resolution and exceptional facility at the most affordable price.

We have all of your needs covered though our unique resolution, broad range of curricular versatility and high end solutions available through our services.

Study Isle in broader term principally refers to dedicated services, which are rendered to hundreds of students who are enrolled with us by our highly qualified and experienced team, who are stalwarts from the education fraternity.

Education imparted by us are powered with timely and continuous analysis and routine evaluations to ensure right development as per our set standards. These stringent systems and procedures sets us ahead of the competition.

Meet our teacher

Our foremost strength lies in our faculties, who are Industry stalwarts with rich, cumulative experience and are proficient, using both conventional and high end teaching methods, making the learning process not just more colourful but also more interesting.

Pranav Maheshwari
Science - Physics

An extremely enthusiast and richly experienced professional who have a proven track record with more than 6 years of teaching experience in the educational fraternity – He has successfully aligned his expertise and proficiency in teaching Science for students of classes IX and X and Physics for students of classes XI and XII. He imparts high standards in both educational skills and practical implementation abilities which ultimately strengthens the foundation of each and every learner.

Md. Ambar

Md. Ambar brings with him 6 years of rich experience. His specialization in Mathematics has made students of classes IX to XII affluent with the subject. His aptitude to lead, control, execute and impart reasoning skills along with Mathematics has provided a strong platform for all his students.

What Student say about us

Every year, our students fill in evaluation questionnaires about their courses. Questionnaires ask students to rate particular aspects of modules/courses on a numerical scale, and also provide boxes for general comments. Below are a selection of the comments made by students in recent sessions.

Something that I've come to appreciate about Study Isle is its commitment to high academic achievement while also encouraging students to get involved in everything else their life has to offer. I think this helps all students feel that when they come to leave this place, they are leaving with much more than a class marks.

Studying at Study Isle has been a breath of fresh air. It is an academically charged environment and I believe everything that I learn at this place will take me to high places in life.

The academic and personal support that I've had over the past two years from the Study Isle has been great. This place is very different from other institutes and, whilst Study Isle gives you lots of room for self-directed study, there is always someone there to talk to - be that by e-mail, phone or in person. It's definitely helped me in studying and I really cherish the whole of my Study Isle experience!

I never thought I'd enjoy studying a Maths and Science as much as I do now and that's a big thanks to the faculty who are all so passionate about their areas of study.

My studies have vastly improved my academic skills, as well as my ability to work both independently and in a group. Study Isle has given me the confidence to critically evaluate information and clearly express myself, both written and verbally.

Our Core Values

To make learning an enjoyable experience to the children. Rather than making it boring and burdensome.

We do everything it takes to teach, train, develop, create and quantify an individual into a complete being.

Our approach to impart education both via English language and Hindi makes learning easier for students to understand the subject better. Our teachers has been implementing this method and have from time to time incorporated a number of holistic techniques to explain the topic / chapter using both English and Hindi grammar & vocabulary, to ensure the student is able to grasp what is being taught. These holistic spoken / listening / reading and writing skills and techniques have resulted in better results and students can on their own take liberty to prioritize their ability to use any of their preferred language to interpret their understanding.

Use of visual aids

Visual aid is considered an effortless method of learning these days, since human brain retains visual images in a concrete way compared to writing texts which one has to put much emphasis and great effort to memorize. Our brain processes images as the part of the brain which processes images is much larger than the part which processes texts and written documents. Various types of visuals can be effective learning tools for young mind.

Auditory lectures

This is a tried and tested method especially for students who are auditory learners, which clearly means that most of us remember, comprehend, recollect and enhance fresh ideas much sincerely when they are described in the form of audio — though the students are conducting the discussing on their own, they articulate better .Theses auditory learners are able to retain knowledge when new ideas are paired with verbal sounds. This method has proved beneficial for many and hence our team of experts regularly we strive to introduce and incorporate updated auditory learning skills for outstanding output.

Create | Catalyse | Contribute…

…to the need of our young learners supported by highly qualified, richly experienced

educationists - who would make a paradigm shift.
in the field of education. They would endeavour to impart knowledge in a way which students prefer to learn and imbibe for overall development.

To be recognized as “The Global Education provider of choice” and make education a prospering and enjoyable experience for young learners.

Our primary objective is to help students to attain exceeding goals encompassing & emphasizing their logical thinking ability, education and overall personality development.

Our key objective is to set smart standards for all our students by supporting them with facilities that demonstrate professionalism, technical proficiency and exceed teacher’s and parent’s expectation.

We aim to primarily focus towards service that drives passion for excellence and secure a strong system with great support.

In order to achieve this , we continuously reinforce and research each segment to prepare our enthusiast learner for the toughest challenge of change .

Our Teaching Methodologies

From presentations, audios, videos, group discussions, regular assessment, easy explanations both in Hindi and English, personal attention and development, we at Study Isle use a simple and practical methodology for the students to experience the conventional education system with a modern touch. We do everything it takes to teach, train, develop, create and quantify an individual into a complete being.

Some of our key highlights are mentioned below:

Recap of Previous Topics

In simple words the word recap means revise, the recap technique is traditional yet very important. The recap of previous topic ensures that they are well versed with what was taught and they are prepared to move ahead confidently and can understand better, since they can link, connect, interpret and comprehend the subject in their own way.

Preparation of Exam related Notes

As a student prepares for his examination, note making proves to be very vital component since it provides them the relevant points of reference and helps them focus on points relevant to their purposes. A student is considered well prepared is he is organized, since he can concentrate on his syllabus and stress on points in a planned way. Our teachers guide the students by helping and assisting them to relate the notes and summarize those ideas and concepts.

Identify Weak areas and methods for improvement

Our team of expert educationists observes and evaluates each student individually, they help them understand and identify their strength & weakness, so as to maintain and continue the strong points and strengthen those areas which needs attention and support them to improve. This is done meticulously and carefully so the student understands these inputs and carefully plan the way out. Sometimes the student and the respective subject teacher create their own strategies and objectives and record them with updated status and timelines. This immensely helps nurture the “go-getter“ attitude of the child and makes them confident.

Individual attention

As mentioned earlier, we at Study isle ensure each and every student are treated as different individual and NOT compare them as per their ability, concentration, marks and grade. Each child is special – that’s what we believe in and to bring out the best from them, our teachers spend ample amount of time with them and if required spare extra hours to eradicate the fear aspect and create a self-developed individual. The individual attention plays a very important in nurturing the student not only for academics but overall development.

Summary at the end

Study Isle does not have strict assessment system since it follows the scholastic curriculum cycle designed by Educational Boards and adheres to the cycle system. Each student is our brand ambassador and hence they are important for us and forms an integral part of the education family. Their performance is our performance, they are our face. We provide the students a detailed summary of their mid-session and full performance detail, so that this helps them analyze their development and plan the way forward.

Doubt session for better clarity

This is another important session conducted by Study Isle in a very stringent method. Overall survey conducted among students, parents and general forum proves that ¾ of the students supports the session and looks forward to it since our faculties leaves no stone unturned to provide seamless support and addresses not only the individual doubts but sets questions on similar topic for them to have perfect concept clearance output. We strive hard to provide “one-on-one” session between students and recommended faculty, so their requests can be attended instantly and with ease.

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