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  • September 18th, 2018 1:28 AM
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Importance of a good education system

Importance of a good education system

“We all are some way or the other aware about the advantages that education offers us; it is not only important for us to know what impacts it casts on our life and specifically our future; a student should be made to understand benefits and the ocean full of positive elements that one can own, treasure and possess for lifetime comes only from one pathway and that address is Education, the effect that it casts in our life is immeasurable”

Education ushers huge aids to both individual to the society at large. The health advantages of education can be immense and can be categorized as primary, secondary, and tertiary, education, almost all of the available research covers primary education and this page reflects that.

The first thing that should strikes us about education is understanding of good and bad, differentiate between fair and unfair , just and unjust and knowledge gain. Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life with our own pair of eyes and solitude brain. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. People debate over the subject of whether education is the only thing that gives knowledge. Some say education is the process of gaining information about the surrounding world while knowledge is something very different. They are right. But then again, information cannot be converted into knowledge without education. Education makes us capable of interpreting things, among other things. It is not just about lessons in textbooks. It is about the lessons of life. One thing I wish I can do is, to provide education for all:

No student is left behind and changes the world for good!

•    Keeping students engaged and motivated can be a challenge during classes, even for the best faculties. It’s easy to teach the same lessons year after year simply because they have worked in the past, without giving much thought to students’ current interest level. But even the strongest curriculum still needs some variety once in a while to make learning fun. Likewise it’s important for students to be aware of learning strategies that are both effective and fun for them. If teachers and students can stay conscious of improving the learning process on a regular basis, it’s much easier to work together to keep lessons engaging and motivating.

•    Most people agree that it’s difficult to stay engaged in a lesson when you don’t understand the purpose of the knowledge. Instead of simply telling students that there is a practical purpose for the lesson at hand, give them some concrete examples. As a student, don’t ever be afraid to question a teacher about the practicality of a particular lesson. A good teacher will make the effort to give you a concrete answer, even if it takes a couple days to do some research.

•    Take the time to ask your students about their hobbies and interests. While some interests are easier to incorporate than others, it’s important to take note of them and maximize their potential. If you can’t find a game or assignment to fit a passion, think about other ways to use it in a lesson, such as train stickers as rewards. As students, don’t be afraid to bring in books you like or suggest subjects that you would like to learn. Teachers may say no, but you never know until you ask.

•    Kids go through much of their daily routine without a lot of choices, both at home and at school. To offer kids the control they desire, it’s important to incorporate choices into lessons as often as possible. Keep in mind that offering choices is not a method for kids to get out of doing work, though! For example, giving a choice of doing homework or playing a game is not a productive choice. However, letting students pick the order of homework assignments they will work on may help.

It’s easy to expect all children to have the same attention span and to structure your lessons accordingly. However, this simply isn’t the case. While it may not seem unreasonable to expect a 10th student to sit through a day-long lesson, this is a very long period of structured time for most 14 year olds. Consider how you can break down lessons to keep students engaged and make learning interesting. Even a thirty-second break every six minutes to do a round of Q/A for get a drink of water can make a big difference.

One must try and create engaging learning sessions, rather than boring ones. Students can only connect when they are with in the class and in the session, if their mind starts vacationing, you will need a lot of effort and time to bring b=then back where they belong.

Let’s create a world of opportunities, at Study Isle this is what we visualize –every student reaching their target confidently. We assure we will not leave any stone unturned.










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