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  • February 21st, 2018 7:31 PM
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Do's & Don't for student




 For Students preparing for Board exams

Board Exams are one of the most imperative exams for students as it makes a huge impact for opting their future career path.
No matter how casual we want this phase to be – we unarguably put extra pressure even on the brilliant student and equally to the calmest ones .What we tend to forget is this is simply a test of your capabilities as to how much you concentrated, focused, grasped, understood and delivered. A student, who plans well for his board exams ,has done enough revisions and has remained active, alert and confident tends to achieve the desired results.

Study Isle offers a wide range of useful tools and resources that not only helps you achieve your target percentage but at the same time takes off that extra load and unnecessary stress .We have crafted our teaching in simple yet with huge experience that each teacher has put through.

We all are aware Board exams are the mega exams of all and hence the management and teachers at Study Isle strives crafts the best milestones to bring to you  -today we would like to share some of the crucial do’s and don’ts  for your Board Exams :

Finding extra time will make you stay ahead of your milestones and make it lot easier to prepare your boards .This is the time when you have to let go all family obligations , friendly commitments and make life simpler for you. The result achieved will be better than any strategically or forced schedule you will realize with each passing day, every hour well spent can 

Do's: and will add advantage to your set targets.

You will graduate from just simple -OK to a result which will leave a lasting experience


The examination period has always been a difficult time for all of us. It’s that time when you feel like doing everything except for studying. Well, at least most of us. From someone who has spent most of her time regretting not having managed time properly during exams, here are some things you should definitely NOT do during your exams.

Take your board exams seriously but not fanatically. 
Plan and you will see the difference. A clear plan, well revised chapters, preparedness all combines to bring out the best quality job.

Hopefully, this list reminded you of how easy it is to do dumb things during exam week. Let’s try to make the end of the semester brighter by not letting ourselves succumb to bad relationships, Netflix or alcohol.







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